How To Strike A Conversation With A Girl Without Striking Out

Having a meaningful conversation with a girl is an enjoyable experience. Many men think of ways of starting a conversation with a total stranger in the hope that one thing could lead to another. The problem is, they simply don’t know where to start.

This is where a lot of men fail when they want to get into a chit chat. They always think that there is a magic topic of conversation that works. Actually, there’s none! The more you think about a topic, the more your will fail. Casual conversations do not start with a topic. That’s why it is called casual!

Getting into that “I-must-have-a-conversation-topic” frame of mind is a death trap. What if the girl you’re talking with is not even interested in the topic that you brought up? Literally, you will just see yourself in that awkward moment of silence when you begin to think, “This is going nowhere!” And mind you, the girl you’re with is thinking the same. Even before you have your hand on the bat, you are already out when you spend so much time thinking about what to talk about.

Getting Ready to Bat

You surely must have lady friends, right? Think about how to talk to girls or how you start a conversation with them. Don’t say that they are familiar with you that’s why it’s easier to engage them in a conversation. You don’t think about any topic when you are going to meet them, are you? You simply get together, say your usual hi’s and hello’s, the you ask them “How are you doing?”

And that is a good opener for a conversation, something as casual as asking how the girl is doing. Now that you have an opening, how do you make the follow through? Oops, STOP!… you’re in that topic mindset again!

The Follow Through

Just be natural and go with the flow. When we say go with the flow, take note of where you are. If you are in a club after a day at the office, chances are the girl is there for the same reason. So you can make a comment like, “Long day at work, huh?” It may or may not be the right comment, but it will definitely elicit a response from the girl. And that response is the only thing you need to keep the conversation going.

If she doesn’t respond, observe the non-verbal signs. She may not have said a word, but she may have smiled back at you. Worse scenario is she’ll just frown and ignore you. If that’s the case, just move on. Say something like, “See you around,” and walk away. No need to let yourself suffer by insisting on drawing out a response. If this is the case, then you struck out not because the pitcher was good; but because you were simply a horrible batter.

Out of the Field and Into the Stands!

Now, if you get a promising response, whether verbal or not, maximize! Offer the lady a drink or something and introduce yourself! Ask her if it’s alright to sit down with her and keep her company. Then you can continue your conversation by simply talking about work, likes and dislikes, or even just what happened during the day. When you are in a certain level of comfort with each other, that’s the time that you can bring your topic out of your pocket! Or maybe not! Just go for the home run!

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Tips To Prevail Over The Fear Of Online Dating

Most people on online dating websites are sincerely nice folks who simply desire to find a person that’s great to possess an affiliation with. They are not seeking a one-night stand and are not out for scamming purpose. That is the majority.

However, there are also frightening people online and so “in real life”. They are anywhere. Actually, if you have contact with more folks, then you’ll meet more folks who are slightly silly. Thus, when you join a service of online dating geek, you would possibly meet a few individuals that have less than good intentions.

If you meet this type of people in the real world, you would have a more sufficient time seeing them. Something regarding them might cause you to feel uneasy, and you might hang on to your instinct and leave once they liked to talk with you.

With online dating, though, you don’t come across a person with the “traditional” way. Thus, your radar does not come to explode until you have already emailed a person or talked to him/her on your phone. Hence, you should have to be more vigilant. It’s good to be careful while frightening your mind is not.

As any other kinds of fear, to end your online dating worries you should meet them with strength. Here’s how:

Use the Integrated Safety Measures of the Site

Any leading online dating website you make use of will have certain measures integrated to let you pass through the online dating places more securely. For instance, if the site offers a “double blind” e-mail system (on which an email address will be concealed from folks you may make contact with), use it. Do not ever respond to a certain email you received and risk showing your true email address earlier than you are all set. If the site offers a “block” attribute, don’t be scared to utilize it. So if a person makes you feel unpleasant, go on and block.

Choose a Coffee Date for First Acquaintances

Despite how long you’ve been emailing a person, he/she is still a stranger. So, though emailing a match in advance is great, you still have to use safety measures when meeting that person in the real world.

For first acquaintances, always choose “coffee dates”. A coffee date is commonly a meeting for only one hour in an extremely public location. This is a great date as you will be able to establish the expectation beforehand that you just have an hour to meet each other. Then after that time, express thanks to your date and depart. Leave alone and do not allow your date to go with you through your vehicle. Afterward, go back in your house and think about that date. In case you’re attracted to the person, then email him/her and arrange another date. But if you did not like the person, move ahead to another profile.

Online dating is an excellent way to come across a special person. But don’t forget that until you have met the person physically, you’re not knowledgeable enough about them. However, that does not indicate you need to draw back from becoming acquainted with them, it just indicates that you must be wise as regards to it.

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5 Things You Need To Know About TwoForOne Go

TwoForOne Go is an app that is currently gaining in popularity in some cities of the world. The official website has everything you need to know about the new app.

Here are the five important things about TwoForOne Go according to their official website:

  1. TwoForOne Go is an app that is available for both iPhone and Android phones via the App Store and Google Play respectively. The app is currently available and honored in the cities of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, and Dubai and there will be more cities added to this list soon.
  1. TwoForOne Go offers access to hundreds of 2-for-1 deals in dining, sports, wellness, leisure and so much more.  The deals in TwoForOne Go are useful even for dining with friends, having fun with the family and even on date nights.
  1. TwoForOne Go lets you search deals by category and by location, complete with details for every voucher and deals. This feature is useful when you want to check out the offers in your favorite places as well as for discovering new cool spots within your area.
  1. TwoForOne Go lets you pick and use the vouchers just by clicking the “use voucher” and presenting the voucher to the vendor. Payment of your deal happens after that. TwoForOne Go is very simple and quick to use, making it quite popular to both the people who like to plan ahead and those who love to save.
  1. Creating a profile with TwoForOne Go is a one-time thing, necessary to unlock the vouchers and give you access to gift card purchase too. Registering a profile can be done through or directly from your phone. You may register with your email or with your Facebook account too, pretty much just like any other app or social networking site.
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